Black Iris Floral Events Company

Richmond, VA 23221

Combining authentic passion and creative flair, Black Iris floral designs intertwine color, nature and style to a stunning effect. Today, Our designs evoke nature with their seasonal relevance. Our lush blend of flowers and branches, fruits and vegetables as well as gorgeous silk textiles and ribbons combine for a final product which is both sensual and evocative. "Some artists use flowers creatively to have an edge, to be different. We look to the flower growing in it's natural state as my inspiration. Rather than work against the inherent grace of each flower by packing them too closely together or forcing them to be uniform, We allow them breathing space to arch and move as they might. The possibility for drama comes in through the combinations of texture and color, which, whether contrasting or layered tone upon tone are always consciously thought out and never garish." We are truly here to work with your budget and make your wedding a picture perfect event . Our Professional Event Staff Will Be there from Start to Finish If you need us. Call Today for details about planning your event with us!

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