Chocolate Fountain Fun

, VA 23230

Frequently Asked Questions, with Answers Q:What is a Chocolate Fountain and how does it work? A:A Chocolate Fountain is a machine that provides a convenient, fun, and unique way to dip various foods into chocolate. Our Chocolate Fountains are 29" tall, 16" diameter stainless steel machines that consist of two basic assemblies: the base and the tower. The base contains a heater, motor, and chocolate reservoir. The tower contains an internal auger for lifting the chocolate. The tower exterior is a series of surfaces over which the chocolate cascades, giving the fountain it's unique shape. When the chocolate is warm and ready to flow, it is lifted by the auger to a bowl at the top. The bowl fills, then the chocolate overflows and falls to completely cover the lower tiers, providing curtains of delightful chocolate for your guest's dipping pleasure! Q: What kind of chocolate do you use? A: We use only our secret aromatic blend of Ghirardelli and other fine chocolates. Your choice of milk, dark, and white chocolate is available. Q:Can I rent your Chocolate Fountain and set it up myself? A:We do not offer self-service fountains at this time. Relax and enjoy your party while we do all the work! We include all of this with our full service. Q:How much does your service cost? A:Pricing Q:Do you serve at formal and informal events? A:We make Chocolate Fun flow at any kind of event! Some recent events and venues include: •Grand Opening of CJW Medical Center, Levinson Heart Hospital at Chippenham •Bluestone Patio at Tredegar Iron Works •Celebrations at the Reservoir •The Bull & Bear Club Q:What do you include with your service? What do I need to provide? A:What we provide. What you provide. Q:What kind of table works best? A:Our Chocolate Fountains, including chocolate, weigh approximately 100 pounds. A stout, level table with a heavy solid core top is important for proper support and operation. The ideal size is a five foot diameter round table for 360° access, but a standard six foot rectangular table works fine.

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